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Benefits of Lasers Compared to Other Welding Technologies

Sep. 09, 2021

Welding with lasers has some unique advantages over various other welding technologies. CNC equipment producer XQL shares the advantages of laser welding innovation.

CSHG300 300w Multifunctional Laser Welding Machine

Low distortion as well as damage

The laser creates a very focused warmth source that is capable of forming keyholes. Laser welding machine creates a percentage of weld metal as well as transfers only a restricted amount of heat right into the bordering product, deforming the example less than examples bonded by several various other processes. This leads to a narrower warm impacted zone width on both sides of the weld, which decreases thermal damages and also loss of residential properties in the base product.

Fast and versatile

Laser welding is an extremely fast technique. Depending on the type and power of the laser utilized, it is feasible to weld thin area materials at a rate of a number of meters per min. For thicker areas, productivity can additionally be enhanced. Laser welding is almost always done as an automated process, especially with fiber-optic transmission light beams from diode, fiber and also disk lasers, which can be conveniently operated from another location using multi-axis robotic transmission systems, causing a geometrically flexible production procedure.

large range of materials

Utilizing lasers, several materials can be welded or joined, both metal and also non-metallic, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys, plastics, and a lot more. Additionally, the thickness of the weldable product can be picked from a wide variety, depending on the kind and also power of the laser made use of.

Special weld seams

Laser welding allows welding with huge midsts as well as narrow widths. Some special joint arrangements that are not appropriate for other welding strategies are practical with laser welding, such as heap welding through lap joints. This allows the use of smaller flanges.

Various functions

Welding with laser, spot or joint welding can be carried out as quickly as continuous welding. Along with welding, with only a few changes, laser resources can be utilized for numerous various other material handling applications, including cutting, surface prep work, warm treatment and also marking, as well as more advanced techniques.

Guaranteed Non-Oxidation

Unlike a lot of electron beam small-hole welding operations, laser welding is done at atmospheric pressure as well as normally needs gas defense, such as nitrogen as well as a few other inert gases, to stop oxidation of the weld.

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