How to Choose the Right Laser Cutting Machine For You?
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How to Choose the Right Laser Cutting Machine For You?

Jul. 07, 2021

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a must-have machine for machining companies. What should I pay attention to when choosing a fiber laser cutting machine? This is a question that many processing companies are very interested in knowing. How to choose the right laser cutting machine? This must be based on your material, material thickness, material size, characteristics to understand.

1. The core component of the laser cutting machine is the laser. When the power is the same, the price of different brands of lasers vary by several times. Warranty period also varies greatly. Some warranty three months, some warranty six months, some warranty twenty-four months. The use of the laser is also very far away. Therefore, before buying a machine, ask what brand of laser is used and how long the warranty period is.

2. Cutting head. Currently, the laser cutting machine standard configuration brand Swiss RayTools, high stability, the price is also relatively high.

Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber Laser Cutting

3. Voltage regulator. It is connected to the laser, CNC machine and power supply system. The main role is to prevent interference from the external power grid, voltage regulator for a variety of loads, such as inductive, capacitive, resistive, etc., can work continuously for a long time, and can withstand transient overload. With manual automatic start, delayed shutdown, delayed output, large capacity, high efficiency, wide voltage range, wide load, etc.; with overvoltage undervoltage, overload and short-circuit protection, optional phase loss and phase loss alarm system, with voltage stabilization function

4. Choose the fastest updated CNC system. Laser cutting machine CNC system is actually the soul of the whole machine. So the stability of the CNC system update rate is the core of quality, must be given attention.

5. Find the company's most technical content, have an in-depth understanding of the Laser Cutting Machine Suppliers, clear manufacturers of strength, technical parameters, product performance.

6. Efficient use of the machine. For many customers, the purchase of laser cutting machines, in fact, the ultimate purpose is to produce, for the benefit, so efficient use of the machine and effectively save the materials and consumables in it, so as to maximize the benefits achieved.

7. After-sales service. Machine after the warranty period, door-to-door maintenance does not charge, how much to charge, etc. This is to be clear. In-depth understanding of the machine manual, in general, if you buy a machine, the manufacturer will be targeted for systematic training, including the use of the whole machine, installation and commissioning, problem solving, etc., so be sure to ask before you buy .

I hope the above sharing will help you, in addition to the company also provides Laser Welding Machine, if you need, please feel free to contact us!

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