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Process Control and Safety Measures for Laser Welding

Sep. 15, 2021

Laser welding is an extremely automated procedure. It can not be compared to traditional by hand guided welding methods. Therefore, this joining process is a very secure production step. Laser beam of light welding is an especially safe process if everybody present recognizes their personal protective tools. XQL shares some standards for laser welding to aid you better comprehend this modern technology.


Quality Assurance

Laser light beam welding is a non-contact joining procedure. It is constantly executed instantly. Modern laser welding machines are outfitted with incorporated gauging systems that individually inspect the dimensions of the manufactured components. This makes these systems particularly exact, which is the basis for regular top quality.

Costs of laser beam welding

Expense is still the largest drawback of these innovative processes. This depends to a large level on the products and also materials to be processed by the laser welding system For example, even an easy mini system for inscribing wedding celebration rings can cost numerous thousand euros. New high-performance plants seldom set you back less than 100,000 euros or even more. These costs are countered by exceptional manufacturing high quality and also high efficiency. In fact, laser welding is commonly carried out at a much greater rate than conventional electric or inert gas welding procedures.


The laser welding system consists of laser optics, mechanized guides as well as a table. Stationary laser welders have a table with a clamping tool. Nonetheless, the size of the table restricts the size of the product to be refined. Apart from the welding optics and also the servo system for the accurate working of the robotic arm, the control system is the most essential element of the laser beam welding system.

The ideal complement to a laser welding system is a laser reducing system. The accurate laser cut shape offers the exact geometry that the laser light beam welder can utilize to produce the best results.

How much temperature

In order to have the ability to weld a product, a temperature level simply over its melting point need to be reached. Consequently, the melting temperature level of the material is a limiting factor in traditional welding procedures: not every product can be processed by every welding process. Just electrical welding can have a series of area warm intensities emitted at its electrodes. Laser beam of light welding is different: it uses the best adaptability in terms of welding temperature of any type of welding procedure.

Advantages of laser welding

The constantly high accuracy of laser welding is its superior function. Along with the specifically great seam, the low-temperature input is one of the most important plus point. Unlike gas protected welding, which functions slowly and needs a great deal of warmth, laser welding is very quick and minimally invasive. This avoids full heating of the base material. Therefore, no discerning thermal development occurs, which also stays clear of distortion of the workpiece after cooling down.

The consistent pulse light beam of laser welding additionally makes sure a particularly clean weld joint. Weld beads or burrs, which are usually inevitable in gas protected or electric welding, do not happen during this signing up with process. Of all signing up with procedures, laser welding uses the widest variety of machinable materials.

Defects of Laser Welding

A major disadvantage of laser light beam welding is the high cost of the equipment, a financial investment that needs to be well considered. The return on investment must currently be reasonably assured before acquisition, or else the laser welding system will certainly quickly come to be a money-losing enterprise. It can be expected that standard welding procedures will no more be suitable for lots of applications. Consequently, investments in laser welding continue to be a threat, although one that is increasingly manageable.

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