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XQL 12000W Fiber Laser Cutting With Large Working Area

Aug. 23, 2021

With the development of fiber laser cutting industry.now 3000w 6000w CNC sheet metal laser  cutting machine becomes more and more popular.12000w 20000w cnc fiber laser cutting machine also start to being adopted by some Metal facbriciton industry customers

        Thanks for our domestic customer trust.this month our 12000w fiber laser cutting order get ready with a working size 12000mm*2500mm.this is XQL second 12000w fiber laser cutting machine with a raycus 12000w laser source,germany prestec Autofocus cutting head,and  a newly designed cutting system which ensures consistent cutting quality up to a sheet thickness of 30 millimeters.

With the 12000w laser source, the  cutting speed increases up to 20 percent on average compared to the previously available 10000w laser source. This increases productivity throughout the range of sheet thicknesses from 3 to 30 millimeters.

High Power,High speed,High precision,more effiency!

We believe this high power laser cutting machine will bring more chances to our customers!

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