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  • 300W YAG Laser Welding Machine

  • 300W YAG Laser Welding Machine

300W YAG Laser Welding Machine

Main parts: Water chiller, power case, laser beam, marble table.

Main parts: Water chiller, power case, laser beam, marble table.

It is mainly used for making metal letters, it is usually used with channel letter bending machine and fiber laser cutting machine. We also have 300W or 500W hand held welding optional.

1. Suitable materials: stainless steel, steel plate, iron plate, galvanized sheet.

2. It can weld small and complex letters, it also can weld big letters max 2meters.

3. It is easy to operate and fast to weld letters.

4. No black point on the surface of letters.

5. No noise and no pollution.

1. Marble table is smooth, heavy and stable, which is difficult to scratch letter surface.  

2. Light path is dust proof to protect lens.

3. The specification of crystal bar is 7*145mm.

4. 1P water cooling system, it adopts Panasonic compressor. 20L volume, it is 304 s.s water tank.

Max laser power 300W
Laser wave length1064nm
Mono pulse Max power110J
Laser welding depth0.1-1.2mm
Pulse width0.1-20ms
Laser welding frequency1-45Hz
Laser spot size adjusting range0.2-4.0mm
Whole power consumption≤7KW
Power need220V ±10%/50Hz/40A
Standard configuration working table800*1000mm load200Kg
Sight positioningCCD definition camera

300W Laser Welding Machine

Crystal bar: 7*145mm(specification)

300W Laser Welding Machine

Ceramic core is imported

300W Laser Welding Machine

30 times high definition CCD digital camera

300W Laser Welding Machine

The annular LED light, illumination is without shadow, brightness is adjustable.

300W Laser Welding Machine

Red light position:thimble, trinity( bearing, brass, white needles)

Easy to adjust positioning.

300W Laser Welding Machine

Four capacitance: big capacity, enduring constant storage


300W Laser Welding Machine


300W Laser Welding Machine300W Laser Welding Machine


300W Laser Welding Machine

Tool Kit:

Cross screwdriver 1 piece

Straight screwdriver 1 piece

Hexagonal Socket 5 pieces

Photographic paper 1 piece

Thread seal tape 1 piece

Quoit 4 pieces

Thimble 2 pieces

Pedal switch 1 Piece

Main Consumption:

1. Protection lens USD 5/PCS

2. Xenon lamp USD 45/PCS( Normally half years change but depend on your using frequency)

3. Thimble USD 4/PCS

4. Foot pressing switch USD 6/PCS


Wooden case: 1.85(L)*0.9(W)*1.35(H)=2.23CBM

Gross weight: 320KG

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