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  • Q2000 Single Bed Sheet Stainless Steel Cutting Machine

Q2000 Single Bed Sheet Stainless Steel Cutting Machine

Q2000 series fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in advertising,signs, signage, billboard, kitchen ware, metal letters. power from 1000-2000W max.

1. Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in advertising,signs, signage, billboard, kitchen ware, metal letters, metals components and parts, sheet metal processing, bathroom spare parts, door decoration, hardware, electrical appliances, textile machinery, ships, household appliances, metal crafts, elevator panel cutting, frame, and other processing industries etc

2. Fiber laser cutting machine is suitbale for metal sheet cutting with stainless steel, carbon steel,galvanized sheet,copper,aluminum, mild steel plate, alloy steel plate, iron plate, bronze plate, titanium plate etc

Cost advantage:

1.It can cut sheet metal by Air compressor. 

2.Lifespan is 100,000 hours.

3.Laser source 2years warranty.

4.Easy control system.

Environmental Protection and Energy Saving:

1.Higher electro-optical conversion rate: fiber cutting machine’s electro-optical conversion rate about 30%, it is 3 times higher than co2 fiber cutting machine.

2.Higher cutting speed and efficient,2 time faster than YAG or CO2 laser.

3.Low cost: Machine power consumption is 20% -30% of same power co2 laser 

cutting machine , every hour consumed 0.5w to 1.5 w electricity,it is very easy to maintain: no need to adjust optical path.

ModelQ1000Servo MotorDeltaPower supply220V/380V 50HZ~60HZ
Working size1500X 3000 mmReducerDeltaPositioning Accuracy<0.1mm/m
Power1000WCutting HeadRaytoolsThe Best Running Speed0-15 m/min
Laser generatorcyponeGear RackTaiwanThe Max Running Speed40 m/min
Control SystemA cutterGuide RailTaiwanAccelerated Speed0.6 G
stainless steel120~24
carbon steel19~12
aluminum 112~13

Rayucs Laser Generator

100000 hours service life

High Electro-optical conversion efficiency

Altitude stress-resiting capacity

The best quality and the best stable laser generator in china.

HIgh brightness, High conversion rates, hIgh work efficiency


Transmission System: Double Driver Transmission

Guide rail ( Taiwan )

Super high precision. hardness, long life, tolerance less than 0.02mm/min)

At the beginning of the design, we select 5-10 times normal load guide rail, which it can adapt to more stringent use of the environment and more long-term life.

Gear Rack ( Taiwan )

make sure machine accuracy/use life more longer


Delta Drive System,Servo Motor And Reducer

Servo Motor in X, Y, Z axis

X, Y axis: 750 W

Why do we use 400 watt power on the Z axis?

Z axis: 400 W

The smaller the power, the higher the speed and the faster cutting head move


A cutter auto focus cutting head

auto focus cutting head can switch cutting freely between different thick material based on software memory, save more time on manual adjust focus.


Rack and Pinon

Imported grinding gear rack, hardness is 2-4 times, service life is 5 times than milling gear rack

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