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  • TAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

TAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

lager format CO2 laser cutting machine, use 150-320W laser tube

Laser Typesealed CO2 laser tube(Comply with GB 11748 - 89 standard)
Laser Power150W-320W
Engraving Speed1-60000mm/min
Position accuracy≤±0.05mm
Min characterChinese character 2mm,English 1mm
XY Working area1300mm*2500mm
Cooling modewater cooling and protection system
Laser output Control1-100% Set buy software
Operating VoltageAC110-220V±10%, 50-60HZ
Driving&MotorDelta Servo / drive
Supported Graphic FormatsPLT, BMP, DXF, AI, HPGL, DST
Working tableknife blade
Working Environmenttemperature: 0—45℃ humidity: 5%—95%(No condensate water)
Working area122x250 CM
Machine size(CM)365×190×130
Laser power150W /320W
Repeat accuracy±0.05mm
Cutting thickness(150W)Acrylic≤ 20mm; MDF≤ 8mm; Plywood≤ 15mm
Cutting thickness(320W)Acrylic≤ 30mm; MDF≤ 12mm; Plywood≤ 20mm
Voltage220V/50HZ/60HZ,± 5%
Wooden case size (CM)375×204×145

● Equipped with imported screw drive, Mitsubishi imported servo motor, with higher precision and faster speed; using tempering effect fuselage to ensure long-term use of the machine without deformation; optional auto focusing function;

● Equipped with Ruida industrial control full-automatic CCD camera and visual cutting system, with rich functions such as automatic image correction, feature image positioning, mark point image positioning, contour recognition and cutting, adaptive recognition path planning, etc;

● Solve the problem of plate position error correction and correction, pure digital module input and output, completely solve the problem of UV matching special-shaped plate, large area cutting, and simpler operation;

● In addition to the visual cutting function, the visual cutting software also has the common software cutting function;

● Realize the specific feature template and feature matching, add the WiFi wireless transmission and receiving module, and use the camera 3 million color and 1.3 million black-and-white camera dual chip output;

● With CAD / CAM function, it can solve the problems of smoothing, outspread, curve checking and correction, spot radius compensation and correction, add the function of modifying the cutting elements and modifying the cutting points, and introduce the function of leading out, cutting simulation and processing time prediction.

● Adopt color screen control system, support offline and online operation, support mainboard solid state upgrade and multi language.

Application industry and materials

● Application material: acrylic and double color plate carving, organic glass carving and cutting, sign carving, crystal, photo frame, trophy carving, license plate carving, Wood, bamboo chips, ivory, bone, leather, rubber board, marble etc.

Application industry: Crafts Industry, Leather and garment processing industry, Model industry, Packaging Industry, Product identification industry and Other industries.

TAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting MachineTAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting MachineTAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
CNC System Ruida CNC SystemCutting head red light Position CCD cameraWorking table Knife blade
TAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting MachineTAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting MachineTAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
Ball screw srew transmissionHigh precision TBI Ball screw transmission.Japanese MitsubishiHigh quality laser power servo motorGuide RailHigh precisionLine guid rail
TAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting MachineTAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
Water chillerCW 5200 Water chillerMachine equipped with exhausted fan and air compressor
TAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
Laser tube: CDWG/YONGLI/RECI 150watt/320watt(10months warranty)
Laser powerCutting effect and speed in 30mA(mm/s)
150W5mm Acrylic10mm Acrylic20mm Acrylic
Cut throughGood effectCut throughGood effectCut throughGood effect
Photo frame plate(mm/s)
Cut through: 7-8Good effect: 3-4


TAN-1325G Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

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