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  • T6200 Pipe Cutting Machine

T6200 Pipe Cutting Machine

This is proffesional tube cutting machine, equipped with clamp daimeter 120mm &240mm.

Product Description

Product Description

This is proffesional tube cutting machine, equipped with clamp daimeter 120mm &240mm. Widely used for rectangle steel cutting,tube steel cutting, oil pipe cutting.

Fiber Advantage

Cost advantage:

1. It can cut sheet metal by Air compressor. 

2. Lifespan is 100,000 hours.

3. Laser source 2years warranty.

4. Easy control system.

Environmental Protection and Energy Saving: 

1. Higher electro-optical conversion rate: fiber cutting machine’s electro-optical conversion rate about 30%, it is 3 times higher than co2 fiber cutting machine.

2. Higher cutting speed and efficient,2 time faster than YAG or CO2 laser.

3. Low cost: Machine power consumption is 20% -30% of same power co2 laser 

cutting machine , every hour consumed 0.5w to 1.5 w electricity,it is very easy to maintain: no need to adjust optical path.

Machine Configuration

Machine configuration
ModelT6200Servo MotorJaskawa / Schneider (option)Power supply380V/ 50HZ
Tube Size6 meter length 200 diameter / 300 diameterControl SystemCyptubePositioning Accuracy<0.1mm/m
Power1500W/2000W/3300WReducerMotovrioThe Best Running Speed45-60 m/min
Laser generatorRAYCUS /IPGGear RackTaiwanThe Max Running Speed90 m/min
Cutting HeadOSIPRI /Raytools / WSX (option)Guide RailTaiwanAccelerated Speed0.8 G

Machine Details

Raycus Laser Generator

100000 hours service life

High Electro-optical conversion efficiency

Altitude stress-resiting capacity

The best quality and the best stable laser generator in china.

HIgh brightness, High conversion rates, hIgh work efficiency

Osipri auto focus cutting head can switch cutting freely between different thick material based on software memory, save more time on manual adjust focus.

Independent hight controler

It can adjust the height of laser head automatically when material ups and downs

Rack and Pinon

Imported grinding gear rack,hardness is 2-4 times, service life is 5 times than milling gear rack

Pipe cutting

6 meter Pipe Cutting 200 mm diameter

Round pipe:maximum 200 mm diameter

Square pipe / Rectangualar pipe: maximum diagonal line is 200 mm

*automatic feeding system

*pneumatic clamping behind

* pneumatic clamping ahead

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