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  • RICOH GEN 5 UV 2513 Flatbed Printer

RICOH GEN 5 UV 2513 Flatbed Printer

UV flatbed printer widely used for flat and hard materials. It adopts Ricoh G5/G6/GH2220 printhead

UV flatbed widely used for flat and hard materials.  It adopts Ricoh G5/G6/GH2220 printhead.

UV ink used for acrylic,pen , wood , PVC, metal, toy , glass, leather, shoes,  Also equipped rotary for the cylindrical objects

1 Adopt high-precision and silent double guide rails to make printing more stable

2 Adopt vacuum platform, make sure the material and blade will not scratch the platform

3 Adopt efficiency static elimination device to remove electricity on the media surface make the printing picture is better

4 Adopt LED curing system to make the picture printed on the material cure faster and have better adhesion

5 Computer bracket, more convenient operation, optional 1500w high power suction fan

Print headRicoh Gen 5(7PL)
Number of heads2/3/4/5/6/7/8 (white, color, varnish)
Color optionCMYKM,LC,LM,White,VARNISH
Printing Size1300mm*2500mm/3200mm*2000mm/1600mm*1200mm
Max material thickness1-80mm
Printing materialsAcylic, wood, leather, phone case, ceramic, glass, metal
Printing modelUni-direction, Bi-direction
Platform type and resolutionsectional aluminum alloy platform with scales, deviation less than 0.1mm
Ink Circulation systemWhite ink circulation, automatic stirring system to avoid printhead clog
Ink tank volume and &ink level alarm1.5L
Rated Voltage and power220W/3600W
Curing lampLED
Servo motorJapan Fuji
Linear GuideJapan THK
Rip softwareULTRA PRINT
Picture formatTiff,JPG,EPS,PSD,JPG
Package:L4180*W2065*1400mm weight 1200kg

Print head: Ricoh Gen 5(7PL)

RICOH GEN 5 UV 2513 Flatbed Printer

Printing sample

RICOH GEN 5 UV 2513 Flatbed Printer

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